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My Day in Bullet Notes

  • Woke up at 11:48. Class was at 8:30. I'd had alarms going off UNDER my ear since 6am. Missed entire class incuding the all important review for the final exam.

  • Living space is an absolute CLUSTERFUCK including coffee grounds in the sink and other such gnarlyness. And who walks in but my housemates' mother, aka the homeowner, who've I've never met. Awesome.

  •  Got to school late anyway to try and study with people/review. Had a semi-talk with an older classmate who was either trying to give me a pep talk or a reality check. Or both. Either way I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and cry and punch some walls for a while.
  • Got nothing done. Came home. Made super fattening seafood stew and am now panicking.

Fic: Beauty [Bela Talbot//Supernatural]

Title: Beauty

Fandom: Supernatural

Character(s): Bela Talbot

Rating: M for content and suggestion.

Spoilers: Through S4

Trigger Warnings: MANY. Content includes and alludes to sexual abuse,
non-con, pedophilia, and incest.

Summary: No one could understand what she did. They didn’t know exactly what
it took to be Daddy’s little girl. (A character study on how the bitch was

Notes: This is NOT an anti-Bela fic. I love and find her character
fascinating, hence the fic. Pardon me for my potentially incorrect Italian, it’s
been a while. Also I really felt the need to shower after writing this. Sorry if I passed the feeling along.

Bela Talbot was always great. Even before she was 'Bela' at allCollapse )

Things Done Today

Slept in until 2, after not sleeping for a new total of 57 hours and enjoying not only my first weekend, ie one at home and not at school since Halloween.

-Got up, made tea. Mmmmhm vanilla roobios.
-Went out food shopping, came home, and made a punch of Game of Thronesian munchables, thanks to a fantastic recipe blog.
-Including, tea eggs, spiced melon, rustic oatcakes which I can't stop eating, fried fingerfish, and other noms.
-Did the 'it doesn't feel like something is trying to Breaking Dawn it's way out of my uterus anymore' dance.

Sat on couch.

So I've been around, I've seen the general reactions to the film, and everywhere I turn I see another rant on how Sucker Punch is sick, anti feminist, demeaning to women, misogynist, etc. Now, I'm not going to presume what's feminist or not. Honestly, I don't even understand the concept half the time. I've always felt that the main source behind gender issues is the societal ingrained idea that there is fundamentally something different between 'men' and 'women'.

I'm not going to deny history hasn't been especially kind to the people I share my X chromosomes with, it hasn't. It's been a man's world for a long time. That is a fact. It happened, no argument there. But I feel like, in some small way, as long as we feel the need to point out women as a separate "type" than men, forever defining things as either "positive" or "negative" for women, than there will always be that separation.
So I'm not going to try and argue that Sucker Punch is in fact, empowering to women. I don't know what's empowering to 'women'. I have no idea how to speak for 50% of the world's population, and I'm not going to try. This is why Sucker Punch was empowering to me. Yours truly, one single pulse on the planet who was born with physiological girly parts and is perfectly okay with that.

All this came about recently when I was discussing my plans to get a tattoo recently with an acquaintance. We were in a public area, and clearly overheard, as I was explaining how I wanted to get "Ut omnia arma vos postulo. Sed pugnare." discreetly somewhere, as it was "You have all the Weapons you need, now fight", in Latin, and that quote from the movie had really resonated with me. On cue, a third party chimed in, gave me a disgusted look and asked how I'd support a movie that was so anti-feminist.

Aside from the fact that this is not the first time someone has assumed that since I have breasts I must agree with whatever their idea of feminism is, it got me thinking. How is it it seems no one else took the same things away from the movie that I did? Some very common comments/arguments are as follows.

This is why Sucker Punch was empowering to me.Collapse )

Big pattern wishlist + cosplay stuff : D

Because I'm bored and like to keep track of what I want to snatch up next time Joanns has a sale.

1. http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m6170-products-11285.php?page_id=115

many more picsCollapse )

 1. Maroon Velveteen Jacket (Bought secondhand, worn twice) Fits like a women's 6-10 - Possibly good for a Fem! Four costume? (has two buttons, even if only one is shown)

Asking: $10 plus shipping
More under the cut...Collapse )

Sales Post!

 Moving for school in a about a month and desperately trying to clean out my closet/get a little more rent money in the bank, so I'm selling some cosplay pieces. I'll be putting it all up on ebay, but thought I'd give the DW related stuff here a try first. Prices are not set in stone, let me know if you're interested in anything!

Pics and pricing under the cutCollapse )

Wondercon 2011 - Team Debut!

Okay, so lanna_kitty , iamradar  and I headed out to Wondercon to debut our semi-work in progress costumes!

Just thought I'd drop off some of our more fun pictures from the short shoot we did in an abandoned stairwell. (I am making all sorts of weird faces in these since the sunlight/new makeup/allergies had my eyes watering like mad and it was very hard to keep them open.)

I'm doing Kate's s2 promo outfit (aka the same as in Hero except sans jacket, scarf, belt chain, and with black jeans instead of blue.) lanna_kitty was wearing her Ashley combat gear, and iamradar was doing an awesome mashup of pilot/webisode action Helen gear and The Five style.

Pics under the cut!Collapse )

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